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In September 2019, we began mass-producing snacks in Fort-Worth, Texas. Beginning with only a few Surati Classics, we have expanded to producing over 50 different snacks to the South-Asian community. Now, we are proud to open our first Tasty Snack's location in Irving. Here at Tasty Snacks, we are highly conscientious of the quality of our food. We offer a unique variety of snacks that are fresh, tasty and hygenically-prepared.
At Tasty Snacks, we are proud not only in providing the best quality snacks to our customers but also in working with our customers to ensure they are satisfied with our service. Customers can buy snacks in-store or online with nation-wide shipping.

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Tasty Snacks

Annapurna Catering Services USA

On-site Cooking, organizing, serving, set up and Cleaning Nationwide with any big or small occasion

All Types of Indian Food, including Gujarati, North and South Indian, Indo Chinese, Fusion, Sweets and Appetizers As well As Mixed Drinks

Fresh, Tasty, Warm. hygienically Prepared & Artistically Garnished Food.

AnnaPurna Catering Service USA is the first place to turn for high-quality catering for your All type of occasions, Including,Reunion, Convention, Weddings, Reception, Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Bhajan, Katha, or any other catering event in the USA, no matter where you live. We specialize in on-sitecooking, Around the country.

Do you need on-site Indian cooking service USA party goers will enjoy? That includes Indian wedding catering USA people won’t be turned off by. And it also includes all types of Indian food, including Gujarati, North and South Indian, Indo Chinese,Fusion, Sweets and Appetizers As well As Mixed Drinks.catering service USA residents are guaranteed to enjoy. Why not contact us to see what we can do for you? If you need North Indian food catering USA foodies can be proud to eat or South Indian catering service USA foodies can be proud to eat too, we’re the first and best choice. Whether you want Indian catering Vegetarian. And Non vegetarian, All meet are HALAL.

We also specialize in Indo-Chinese Catering at USA addresses and are professional caterers of Italian, Mexican and Southern food in the USA too. A variety of traditional restaurant dishes are in Annapurna Catering Services USA’s repertoire. You may be surprised what a wide range of services we can provide. All you have to do is ask and we’ll give you our best effort at an affordable price.

We provide everything from the appetizers and the desserts as well as beer, wine and mixed drinks too. Whatever you need, we can provide it anywhere in America. So why not give us a call and see what we can for you? It’s a sensible decision if you insist on the very best.